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Builders Hardware - Shelf Support Pegs
Shelf Rest Depth = 7/16"
Items per page:  
U 9116 - Shelf Support Peg, 1/4" Dia, Metal
Brass plated steel; heavy duty construction; mini design; for glass shelves with heavy load applications.
U 9398N - Self-Locking Shelf Support Pegs, 1/4" x 3/4 in. Shelf
These shelf pegs are constructed of plastic and come in a clear finish for increased concealment. They are designed to receive 3/4 in. thick shelves and can support a maximum of 5 lbs. each, per peg.

The main feature of these shelf pegs is the self-locking tabs that secure the 3/4 in. thick shelves in place, preventing tipping and rotating of shelves. The 1/4 in. outside diameter pegs have a 5/16 in. depth and feature serrated stems for a stronger grip.

See model numbers U-10181 for 5/8 in. thick shelves and U-11301 for 3/8 in. thick shelves (w/5mm. outside diameter peg).

*Adjustment Tip: To remove and relocate these support pegs, the tabs which lock in the shelves must be pushed in and held in while twisting the shelf upward in a clockwise direction if lifting the shelf from the left side. If shelf will be lifted upward starting from the right side, push and hold in the locking tabs of the support pegs (on the right) while twisting the shelf upward in a counter-clockwise direction from the right side. To accomplish this task a third or fourth hand may be required. Another option would be to slide in a couple of old credit cards or business cards in between the shelf's edge and the locking tab of the support pegs... this may assist causing the locking tabs to be pressed in by the cards when pushing up on one side of the shelf. Make sure the cards to be used are no longer needed as it is possible they will scratch and no longer be useful. Once the shelf is removed from its supports, the supports can be pulled out from the cabinet and relocated to desired height.