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Sash Locks, Pulls and Latches - Single & Double Hung Window Sash Locks
Color = White
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F 2533 - Sash Lock, 2-1/4", Diecast, White
Diecast construction fits aluminum, vinyl or wood double-hung windows. Universal cam-action lock design holds window securely closed.
F 2584 - Sash Lock
Heavy duty diecast construction used on many double-hung wood windows. Cam-action lock.
F 2619 - Sash Lock, 1-15/16" HC, Steel, White
Cam-type sash lock found on most wood double-hung windows; stamped steel construction. You may wish to stock these related parts: F-2537, F-2558, F-2560, F-2617, F-2630.
F 2620 - Sash Lock, 1-15/16" HC, Zinc Diecast, White Finish
Cam-type sash lock; spring action cam; used on many double-hung windows; zinc diecast construction. You may wish to stock these related parts: F-2558, F-2617, F-2630.
F 2629 - Sash Lock, 2-1/4" HC, Diecast, White Finish
This item is INACTIVE and is no longer available.

See similar item F-2768

Diecast construction; cam-type action; used on vinyl windows. You may need these related parts: F-2630, F-2558.

F 2738 - Diecast; face mount; for vinyl double hung windows
Diecast; face-mount; used on vinyl double hung windows.
F 2744 - White Vinyl Window Sash Lock with Keeper
Die-cast latch and keeper with alignment guides; used on wood or vinyl double hung woindows; powder coated white finish.
F 2755 - Die-cast; Face-mount keeper; baked enamel finish.
Die-cast construction; face-mount keeper. Used on vinyl hung windows. Baked enamel white finish.
F 2756 - Die-cast; deep offset latch; fits Acorn and other windows
White; die-cast construction with deep offset latch. Fits Acorn and others. For single hung aluminum windows.
F 2767 - Die-cast; Small cam design; tapered housing.
Diecast construction, small cam design, tapered housing. Face-mounted keeper. Used on vinyl single and double hung windows. Baked enamel finish.
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