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Prime-Line's plumbing program is our latest growth initiative to expand our footprint in the marketplace. Prime-Line has served customers for decades in the door and window industry, offering over 18,000 SKU’s with strong fill rates and quality service. We have many opportunities to provide our customers with more products that showcase our quality standards in this related industry.

We are looking for suppliers that meet our supply chain standards with prompt service, quotes, and delivery of product. Prime-Line is quickly sourcing thousands of items to offer in our catalog. If your company has an established history of providing quality goods and service with competitive pricing we are looking to do business with you. Please join us in a strong and prosperous partnership.

Program Categories:

  • Bathroom Accessories
  • Bathtub Repair
  • Faucet Repair
  • Faucets
  • Fittings
  • Plumbing Tools
  • Supply Tubing and Pipe
  • Toilet Repair
  • Tubular Drain
  • Valves
  • & More

Rapid Repair Plumbing Solution Program

The Rapid Repair Plumbing Solution Program is a series of products that are designed for the professional installer to the regular DIYer to make the installation of many plumbing product simple. From a basic concept of just including all of the product and sundries needed to complete the project in one package to having the assemblies in the “best state” to do the job quickly. If the assemblies needs to be assembled for the fastest installation we have them professional assembled in our factory or if the items is better in some state of disassembly we have the product configured in the package to best facilitate the installation. But the parts are always organized in the specially designed package to make the job simple! No fumbling with parts bags or looking for the roll of tape or the tub of putty. They are on the part or preformed in the package so the job will go FAST! From a single part to project pack or a quantity pack for the professional installer doing multiple installations the rapid repair plumbing solutions products are just what the customer needs to do the job in a hurry! Time is money and these programs will save time!

Universal Pop-Up Installation Gasket

  • Pre formed plumber's putty ring.

  • Fits all brands of pop-ups.

  • Saves time and money.

  • Less waste, no left over tub.



Pop Set Go!

Pop Set Go is the first in series of the Rapid Repair Plumbing Solution program. Pop Set Go is the most complete lavatory drain program filled with innovative packaging and products. With multiple quality series from the value of the Topaz series that offer the best quality all plastic assembly in the market today to the luxury of the Sapphire series with high end 17 gauge and special finishes that match many of the major faucet brands in the market today! You will find just the lavatory drain that you need for the job! From plain pop-ups to commercial grid drains and the specialty drains needed for those hard to fit Glass Vessels Pop Set Go has the lavatory drains you and your customers need to get the job done! We also support the entire Pop Set Go program with a complete repair parts program. From replacement pop-up plungers to full linkage sets we all the parts you need to keep these lavatory drains looking and work for years in the toughest commercial environment s. The Pop Set Go program offers more than 10 finishes and total flexibility for the customer to select just the finish mix needed to match the job they are doing. If you need six oil rubbed bronze and six polished brass we can deliver it! All Pop Set Go kits come with the Prime-Line Exclusive pre-form plumbers putty rings that make the installation fast! The custom designed 100% recyclable foam insert assures that the lavatory drains arrive in pristine condition ready to install! The innovative corrugated carrying case folds down for storage and folds up for easy delivery to the job site. It is not just a box it’s a tool! Pop Set Go is a total solution to your lavatory drain program that will increase your sales and solve all your lavatory drain problems in the future. Pop Set Go is the answer you have been looking for.