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Window Screen Hardware - Tools Items per page:  
L 5567 - Nail Set, 7/16" x 3/4" x 2-5/16", Steel, Cadmium Plated
Cadmium plated steel; makes installation of top hangers for 7/16" window screen a real snap. Driver retracts to hold nail; nail set housing slips into channel of top hanger; locate hanger to upper corner of wood window frame, then tap driver with hammer to secure hanger.

Note: Screen frame top hanger is NOT INCLUDED with this item.

L 5628 - Plunger Latch Step Drill, 1/8" - 7/32" x 3-3/4", Steel
Step drill used to drill 2 different diameter holes for installation of screen plunger bolts. Drills 1/8" and 7/32".